Featuring a song for each of the four elements – fire, water, earth, and air – Chandler Juliet's debut EP opens with fire-representing track "burning sage". Palate-cleansing follow-up "tidal wave" stands, of course, for water, while most recent single "gravitational" takes the place of earth. "hide and seek" yields the final piece of the elements puzzle; a deftly constructed three minutes of indie-pop featuring crystal clear lyricism and simple yet addictive melodies.

"This project was created during the first official year on my own after finishing college – this whole year has felt like a rebirth, and I started to turn inward," Chandler Juliet explains of her forthcoming EP. "my writing became very introspective. Going from feeling my lowest and loneliest ever, writing songs alone in my room, to recording and releasing them, to hearing an audience sing along with me at sold out showcases in Hollywood, has been an incredible growth to witness. Connection is a human need, and I have found that through creating and performing music. LA can be a lonely city, but knowing that others are connecting to my creations is the most fulfilling feeling I’ve ever known."

It's very clear where "hide and seek" fits into this longer project – its themes of growth versus the stifling nature of change are immediately evident both lyrically and sonically. Its a message particularly suited to Chandler Juliet's DIY approach to her career, with the multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter feeling her own way towards the release of an exciting debut EP. As her fellow millennials continue to grapple with the new model for music business, Chandler Juliet's got it down – showing that if you write songs good enough, the rest will surely follow.

elements is out 22 March.