Made up of The Mystery Jets’ Pete Cochrane (vocals and bass), Miles James (guitar) and Graham Godfrey (drums), the new project draws on West Coast soft rock and 70’s soul to conjure-up a gorgeously woozy sound. A warm bass-line surfs its way beneath a combination of jangling Americana acoustic and a chorus with a sumptuous, almost The Eagles -esque electric riff. Movements’ one-take philosophy hears it play out in direct to tape format.

”He had a gun, he never used to put it down / ‘Cause he liked the taste of metal in his mouth” the reverberating vocal line runs, adding a gentle sinister edge to the otherwise hazy outing, complete with a funk-fuelled bridge.

We’ve sure heard people like Celeste in the past, but it’s a very welcome return for such a timeless sound. Kiwanuka’s label continues to be brilliantly forward-thinking by taking a refreshing glance back.