Opening with a distorted toybox melody, Cecil's new track encapsulates the haunting beauty of Halloween with an underbed of distant doll laughs and chorus copying, adding a foreboding feel to the ominous offering.

Commencing her verses with little more than a whisper, Cecil shows an underlying strength in her voice as she daintily tiptoes over the disquieting melody, before providing a robust chorus that keeps Cecil's feet firmly tied to her toybox pedestal.

Speaking about the new track, Cecil explains, ""Toybox" is a story of a dysfunctional relationship between two twisted people, but it's all a dark game in the end. I found a way to portray the emotions and pandemonium between the two through the characters created in the video who are acting out all the emotions experienced, yet the main characters thrive on these twisted emotions, a 'Folie à deux' you might say. I have always loved Halloween and the dark tales that surround it and wanted to add towards it. I'm always dressed in black and often get told my skin resembles a vampire as i'm pale, so I thought why not put it all together and birth "Toybox" on Halloween. Come and take a look inside the box!"

Although it may seem the dark puppet master might have his control over the Toybox, Cecil's elegant vocals drive the mystical, Halloween-inspired track in her favour.

"Toybox" is out now. Cecil plays London's Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 4 December with Only The Poets. Find out more.