The song will feature on his upcoming debut LP Kept, which is out later this month.

"Ode 2" is a glitchy melee of interwoven dance beats and Arca-style synths. Torn-up vocals skim across the surface of the track, creating off-kilter melodies and jerky new rhythms. It's an imposing listen, climaxing in a haze that recalls early HEALTH and/or Crystal Castles.

Speaking about the track, Casually Here says:

"'Ode 2' is the opening track off the album and one of my favorites. It was originally called Joy but there's another song on the record with the same name so I changed the name to Ode 2 in reference to the Beethoven's Ode To Joy as a bit of a joke.... the 2 makes it sound like a sequel so I might have to make a retrospective Ode 1 at some point. I'd originally planned for it to be about 7 minutes long and building to something you could actually dance to... but after a lot of playing it sat better at the 2 minute mark... maybe someday I'll get the longer version to work. I like the patience of it taking a minute before the snares come in and using the vocal samples as both percussion and melody."

Kept is due for release on 25 September via Algebra.

Stream "Ode 2" below.