Opening on a solitary organ tone, you’d be forgiven for thinking Careless’ new track is setting itself up to be a pretty gloomy insight into the London artist's sound. The almost imperceptible whispers of the track’s title flit across the empty space of the piece, adding to the unnerving theme.

But it’s the old-school garage beat, courtesy of production from L:LULO, that jolt the piece to life along with Careless’ irresistible vocal hooks. Lyrically he explores “the best phase of love, acceptance and growth, even if it means separating.”

Talking on “Hocus Pocus” and the forthcoming EP, Careless says, “This EP truly creates a perspective of growing up in East London whereby although there’s an element of freedom in the mindset, starvation and danger still lingers around those living in boroughs such as Hackney and Newham.”

Careless started making music from the age of 14 with Hackney-based collective Sostreet, and now with his solo venture he's asserting his creativity not just in his sound, but in the visuals too. Speaking on the video for “Hocus Pocus”, which was filmed in Amsterdam with friends, he said, “The trip was desperately needed as I felt my current environment gave me a mental block and I was seeking clarity. Before the blurred antics, I was in contact with dope videographer Noah Suhartono who created a visual that hopefully reminds people to always enjoy your light no matter how dark the cave can be.”

"Hocus Pocus" is out now and the EP will release 20 August. Find Careless on Instagram.