With a chorus that bursts into life like the sun emerging from behind a cloud, it's easy to get swept up in "I Do"'s summery, poptastic sound. Paying attention to the lyrics, however, reveals a vulnerable side to the singer that's gone previously unexposed.

"'I Do[ is a slight departure from my previous singles because it is a little more emotional and raw lyrically," CAPPA admits. She goes on to explain further: "I wrote it after going through a pretty bad breakup. It's about knowing that you shouldn’t take someone back and everything in you should be able to walk away from it but for some reason you can’t."

"I don't wanna love you anymore / [...] but I guess I do" is the track's key lyrics – an admittance that will be painfully relatable to so many listeners. The painful disappointment in her lyrics jars with CAPPA's perfect-as-ever melodies, making "I Do" an almost complusive listen, and 100% a must for any upcoming summer playlists you're already eagerly throwing together.

Expect to hear more from CAPPA as the year goes on, with her busy schedule promising new music later this Spring. The music video for "I Do" will also be dropping shortly, and we can't wait to see which facets of CAPPA's captivating personality shine through in the upcoming visuals.

"I Do" is out now.