"Esca" once again shows off Nikolaj Vonsild and Kristian Finne Kristensen's ability to interpret space and grace notes like few other bands. With a live, improvised feel to it, the track moves swiftly from an intro of distortion to a spacey jam of drums, starkly funky bass, and liquid guitars. Vonsild's quivering falsetto pleads "say you'll love me again" over a cyclical acoustic guitar riff, and the feeling is one of an inescapable spiral.

Of the track, the band explains “The outro of “Esca” is a good example of how open the structure of our recordings were. We were all standing in a circle sweating and waiting to see where the drummer takes the song - and then we followed. The track was about to have its conclusion just before this outro, but the tape was rolling and he stayed in the moment...and grabbed the outro out of thin air”.

"Esca" is taken from Cancer's full-length debut Totem, out 27 January on Tambourhinoceros.