Everything about Silviu Badea aka C L N K screams cool. From the artwork to his track titles to the music itself, there’s no arguing, it just is. C L N K’s latest body of work, his forthcoming ANTI EP exudes dark through and through, whilst keeping listeners intrigued with an arsenal of sonic theatrics.

Lending to this techno take on a post-industrial sound, C L N K’s track, “Zombie Mechanic” is weighty and damaged, and yet possesses light at the end of the tunnel allure. Like dropping bits of mysterious liquid onto the icy floor of an igloo-turned warehouse rave, muted thumps and bumps in the night pair nicely with fluid synths and static flashes of light.

Then again, “Zombie Mechanic” might just be the theme song to a futuristic form of freeze-tag best played in outer space.

ANTI EP is released on 12 May via Error-Broadcast.

The master of captivating while equally terrifying his audience, C L N K’s ANTI drops 12 May via Error Broadcast.