Inspired by an actual taxi journey in Miami, where Brika (who is known as Briana Martinez in everyday life) ended up receiving some life advice from a very wise Bahamian man that had a major impact on her, "Taxi Man" is a patient burst of stripped-back beats that sees Brika work through her thoughts and make sense of it all.

The track opens with the actual driver's words, before a the sensuous keys burst in with a shimmering energy. Then there's Brika's swaggering vocals that saunter in with a cooler-than-thou, Floridian ease. It's chilled out, sun-drenched track that exposes another sheen to Brika's musical pallette.

"'Taxi Man' is one of the more down-tempo tracks off the EP and is very special to me due to the nature of how it was created," Explains the artist on the creation of the new track that beckons in her forthcoming body of work. "My team and I unconventionally decided to release one of the more intimate tracks first, to give listeners a glimpse into the venerability associated with its creation. As a whole, the lyrics I wrote in every song being released, is some of the most exposing personal commentaries on experiences I have had recently."

"Taxi Man" is out now via AWAL.