On his debut single "peas", LA musician boylife, aka Gelato Williams aka Ryan Yoo, grabbed our attention with a soaring four-minute ode that’s stunning and sentimental in equal parts. "I could peel peaches for when you wake up" he croons with the tenderness of Frank Ocean. Picking up streams and industry attention alike, it was a powerful introduction.

There’s not much to find online about Williams, however he does also play in the band mmmoniker, and by way of a bio he says, "boylife, 38, Los Angeles, likes dogs and taking long walks on the beach i make this in my room and i love you."

His new single "bummy!" is a sonic punch of a step forward, albeit with a tender subject matter. Williams writes that it’s "an ode to my bipolar disorder (type 2), i made it and cried a lot."

Verses break out like Brockhampton, all contrasting dynamics, raw power, and intellect. Then suddenly it switches to a smart, smooth flow reminiscent of The Cool Kids. "I’ve been feeling bummy, I’ve been bummy. Wake up shake these hips and strut, catch me acting dummy. I’ve been feeling anxious, I’ve been feeling sunny. I’ve been up and down as fuck, tell me do you love me?" runs the chorus.

The construction and production is a dizzy, melting ride. His delivery is instant. The entire vibe of the song feels crucial. Get ready to hear a lot more about boylife.

boylife’s new single "bummy!” is out now via Level.