"Face Up" is the lead single taken from the band's upcoming second album entitled Flow, which is due to be released later this year, and perfectly lays the framework for Bouts' infectious brand of fun, jet-powered indie.

"Behind our fronts we all feel broken sometimes" confesses frontman Barry Bracken as a relentless, crunching electric guitar drives his lyrics to the forefront. The song then bursts into an exciting explosion of colourful euphoria, as Bracken's vocals soar into the outer atmosphere and reach for a higher place of contentment.

It's as cathartic as it is exciting, brimming with indie dancefloor elegance and pummelling exhilaration and ultimately acts as an ode to letting go of the small things and enjoying the moment as it comes to pass.

Explaining the meaning behind the track, Bracken says "'Face Up' is a no-filter, punch the air plea for staring things down and pushing on through. Some songs you write, others just materialise. This seemed born ready. Its immediacy excites us as much now as those first moments playing it. Capturing energy and cathartic release is something we always strive for as a band. 'Face Up' is about that journey to letting go."

"Face Up" is out now.