The duo, comprised of Ben Littlejohn and Denis Sager, have returned with another delicate piece of soft Americana. It simmers with the influence of both of their respective hometowns - Nashville and New Orleans - but, as Littlejohn correctly points out, not in the way that people would probably expect.

It is tinged with an emo sensibility, and the two minutes that the track encompasses are filled with old-time romance. Their extensive use of vintage instruments make it feel partly as though the song is a wonderful relic from another age, but it also gives it a beautiful timelessness that is further exacerbated by the nostalgic sentiements that it conjures up.

Explaining the creation of the track, Littlejohn says "This song didn’t really come together until I dropped some drum samples from my grandmother's organ into this song’s project. Hearing the drum sounds that I grew up listening to her play along with pushed this song forwards and ultimately gave me a pleasant feeling of nostalgia that helped me finish the instrumentation of this particular track.”

The track is the first to come from their upcoming album, Town and Country - named after a car dealership in Nashville - and is a collection of songs about love, longing and honesty.

Town and Country will be released on 11 May.