​Banoffee is on the way to release her debut EP, and has already manifested her own brand of R&B with the unconventional singles “Ninja” and “Reign Down”. The EP is co-produced with Oscar Key Sung, from Melbourne’s own artist-run label Two Bright Lakes, who has contributed to Banoffee’s latest release, “Got It”.

“Got It” encapsulates Banoffee’s dulcet R&B, made of minimalistic retro drum machines, ephemeral synths and wonderfully performed vocals. It might confusingly remind some of a slowed down “Sexual Healing”, and it wouldn’t be too much of a long shot to say that the track’s mellow stride is slightly Drake in nature with Brown’s delicate voice countering her dejected lyrics.

The as yet untitled EP will be out in August through Two Bright Lakes, so be sure to keep an eye out for more info.