Detailing a battle of inner thoughts when detached from the people we love, there’s a poignant irony to this pop earworm. Baker Grace’s delicate lyricism displays vulnerability while the track’s honeyed flow uses the pop-makeup as a confident facade. Still, “Bottle of Wine” delineates from a summer-pop aesthetic in favour of a darker rhythm and visual style.

Speaking of the accompanying video, Grace shares: “The 'Bottle Of Wine' video was recorded prior to quarantine, but serves as a representation of what can happen when we feel disconnected to the people we love and to ourselves.”

“I wrote 'Bottle of Wine' when I realized no amount of love is ever enough if I’m not loving myself,” Grace says about the track. “It’s so easy to forget the positive things and give into delusions. I spent so much time trying to fill the void with external things before I realized I had to love me.

“Through writing the song and creating the video, I really learned to own my journey and every part of me, and express myself to the fullest extent.”

"Bottle Of Wine" is out today and Yourz Truly EP is out 14 August and available to pre-save now. Find Baker Grace on Instagram.