Animal Husbandry's first offering is a nebulous quest through sonic realms, with no real anchor to any one style or genre for your ears to latch onto. Psych, rock, indie, jazz, trip-hop, pop, and more all converge at a surreal intersection of cosmic beauty and otherwordly charm - it's not one to be pinned down, but "The Good Times Are Killing Me" is marvellous nonetheless, dragging you by the scruff of your neck into a deep spiral of detachment.

"It's a song about searching for meaning in increasingly complex times," explains Animal Husbandry. "A nostalgia for earlier days mixed with a kind of restlessness about the future. It's about pursuing happiness and a spirit of freedom; about not choosing the paths that have been laid out for you or dictated by circumstance."

The track is mixed by Chris Coady (Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and features MOBO-winning saxophonist Adam Waldman. It came together during sessions in Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

"The Good Times Are Killing Me" is out 21 April.