Recorded at Soho's Dean Street Studios, the EP boasts three more tracks alongside the titular single. Taking songwriting, instrumentation, and production entirely into his own hands, Wolfe aimed to create a sound he describes as "really front-footed and thick". This first listen sees that goal met with aplomb, as "Your Love Is A Wheel" breaks into its dense, percussive chorus beneath delicate, airy layers of vocals.

"I wrote 'Your Love Is A Wheel' as a stream of consciousness, so I'm not exactly sure what it’s about," Wolfe admits. "I usually write the words and the music at the same time, but I had the instrumental knocking about for a couple of months. I wasn’t sure if it was a song or not and then the words and melody came to me one night and I wrote it in a couple of minutes."

The track's grounded, cyclical feel ties aptly back to its turbulent subject matter – clearly defining themes for Wolfe, given that the whole project takes its title from this lead release.

"I think it's about the cycle of love and and the way we follow it blindly without really knowing where we're going, and then repeat and repeat," he explains. "If you’re not careful, the promise of new love will crush everything that went before it. It can go cold on you with no warning, lead you down paths, and every time brings you back to the beginning as if whatever went before never happened."

Your Love Is A Wheel is available from 15 June via Dharma Records.