Alec Baker, real name Viktor Jansåker, is a guitarist and producer from Sweden. "Lava Pool" is lifted from his forthcoming debut EP, and presents a musician whose music projects far beyond the four walls of his bedroom.

Commencing with a subtle, pounding beat teamed with Baker's relaxed, woozy vocals, "Lava Pool" begins as a patient pop track. As the swirling synth melody is introduced, the track washes away its simplicity with the vibrant melody that enhances the psych-tinged pop chorus about to explode.

The harmonised, woozy vocals plunge into a playful, luminous chorus filled with youthful synths that swim in the same pool as the likes of Dan D'Lion, Oscar Scheller, and Astronomyy.

Speaking about the dream-like nature of the track, Baker says, "I think the song encapsulates the experience of being one hundred percent absorbed in a moment with another person."

The new offering is produced by Summer Heart - who also produced Baker's previous single "Sunslide" - and Hampus Lindén.

Alec Baker's vibrant and woozy new single "Lava Pool" is out now via Something Beautiful.