Already a part of the excellent rap duo Sushi x Kobe, Onge Su$hi Mane aka EMIR Hindic aka EMIR is now onto his third single, and "Hvis Vi Må" ("If We Have To") is an incendiary beauty.

Mixing jittery dayglo rave synths with the pulsating beats of UK garage, the track still manages to carry a carefree summer vibe thanks to EMIR's relaxed delivery over the shimmering electronics.

"Hvis Vi Må" then shifts to another level with a verse or two from Charlie Skien (Softcore untd. man Andreas Høvset); his desperate and pleading vocal rasps - part of why Softcore are such a wonderful prospect - contrast against EMIR's coolness, and together with some of 2018's most addictive beats they've made a massive, massive anthem.

We caught up with EMIR to talk more about the single and the Bergen scene.

BEST FIT: So, how does EMIR differ from Sushi x Kobe?

EMIR: "It's different in the way that EMIR is much more commercial and the sound is quite pop. The lyrics do also differ; a bit more about love and anxiety. Rather than what Sushi x Kobe is doing in its dark world."

What can you tell us about the single?

"The single got together when I was working with JNS, and I felt something was missing so I got my good friend Charlie Skien join on vocals. The song is about being stuck in the same daily routines and a love relationship that doesnt work quite the way it should have."

What's it like working with Charlie Skien?

"It's really great, we’re good friends and have been working for a long time together (ref Softcore untd), so it all came together really naturally! He and I have done several songs together, but this was the first pop song we did. I really like what his voice added to this kind of production."

There's a lot of hip hop and rap coming out of Bergen right now - what makes the city so special when it comes to this style of music?

"I think that Bergen is special because its a lot of artist working together over genres and that makes the scene really vibrant!"

What else can we expect from EMIR this year?

"More good songs and great concerts !!!!"

"Hvis Vi Må" is out today.