With the help of Danish vocalist FREJA, his new single "Fire To You" mixes retro pop and disco sounds with a modern producer's attention to detail.

A simple synth throbs forlornly like a heartbroken M83, electronic "ahhs" mixing with ADAL's pleading vocal which gently urges another not to give up. Then FREJA joins in, her high-yet-soft voice acting as the head to the male lead's heart, sweetly singing "we have to put out this fire".

Even in the midst of tumult, there can always be a moment where a voice just cuts through everything, laying clear a course. On "Fire To You", ADAL finds it in a collaborator, a kindred spirit who has shared stolen moments as club lights go up, or lit by neon signs on that last great romantic walk home.

"Fire To You" is out today on digital platforms.