808Charmer and Mumblez Black Ink make up the 808INK rapper/producer duo who have already had a whirlwind of a journey.

Having dropped their breakthrough album Hungry in 2016, and followed it up this year with the infectious When I'm About, You'll Know, the UK rap duo aren't allowing anyone to step on their toes with their vision for a refreshing take on UK rap.

"Sol" welcomes Sam Wise, who previously appeared on their Hungry album. For "SOL" he provides a slick flow on the near hotel lobby beat that'll have you on a flight in your dreams.

Inducing chaos with their diverse melodies comes naturally to 808INK, as they strive with a multitude of genres. Whether it be a slapping bass, sleek synths or a booming beat, 808INK combine it all in a unique fashion that sees them breach the boundaries on the current UK rap forecast.

While still holding their infectious intensity, second track "I Feel The Love" sees the duo hit it hard as 808Charmer dishes out animosity in his hard-hitting delivery. While the beat overrides the distant melody, it still rings like a fairground jingle as they play on providing an aggressive, yet whole-hearted track.

Both tracks embrace 808INK's upbeat direction and projects their sound far from what the UK's rap scene currently entails.

"I Feel the Love" and "Sol" are available now. 808INK perform at London's XOYO on 16 August, and The Jazz Café on 28 November. Find out more.