Nostalgic undertones conjuring up early MTV sentiments, you know, when rock was still rock, Austin’s Black Books blend the dreamiest of melodic guitar riffs and unhindered, grunge-flecked vocals with big, woozy orchestral sounds making an audience out of the endless Texas sky above.

Wiping your heart on your sleeve in one dramatic gesture, a psychedelic softness of melting harmonies and liquidy, textural effects brush the hair from your face and envelop you in this psychedelic incubator of an afterglow.

My Morning Jacket and Grandaddy comparisons can take up pages in every other post, but this one belongs to Black Books and their wildly inventive and exceptionally charming take on psych rock.

Black Books Aquarena EP is out today in the US and 11th February in the UK, on Believe Recordings.