Chapter 1: Me

To myself, I wrote the letter that I'd been hoping someone else would have sent to me. With there being three sides to every story, and in efforts to favour not one of the two I'd heard growing up, I decided to choose the third.

Chapter 2: Her

At any given point, where you are could either be somewhere that you have to be or the place where the person that you want to be is. The potential demise of any cohabitant is to overcompensate amid inadequacy.

Chapter 3: Myself

We are who we are becoming because of who they all are. Gladwell aside, even in your 10,001st hour of shape sorting, never has the us shaped hole in our life's been a better fit for anybody than none other.

Chapter 4: You

Contrary to the whole point of these ramblings I'm on a mission to become a man of many words in as few words as possible. Notorious for getting in the way of what we want to say, at times we can say enough by saying nothing at all.

Chapter 5: I


the little book of yours truly is out now.