"Wish You Were Gone"

It's the first song I ever wrote and the first track off the EP. I guess it's pretty much a song where I contradict myself, showing my emotions and confusion with a girl.

It also features a really nice sample from my mum in the song too.

"Chronic Sunshine"

"Chronic Sunshine" is the about the effects of marijuana and it's about the ongoing escapades between Peckham and Brixton whilst on my bicycle.

"Social Sites"

This song is me asking why my girl at the time has to cry over Instagram and other social media sites. The social networks and observations that surround a relationship is the theme of this track.

A big theme in this, and my whole EP, is drawing from daily life experiences I guess.

"After School Club"

This song is about my thoughts on leaving school and questioning my teachers and my future as I grow.

"Great Dane"

"Great Dane" is about a Danish girl and the song features a sample of Kenneth Williams from my favourite audio book Just William by Richmal Crompton.

The Just Cosmo EP is out now.