Wild Belle

The Chicago born, Brooklyn based sibling duo started making waves at SXSW this year as word of their slinking retro rhythms spread thick and fast on the sweltering ground. A hybrid breed of pop, psych, reggae and R&B – Natalie and Elliot Bergman’s output to date has the capacity to be original in its revivalism. Yes it does have hints of Saint Etienne and rootsy jazz stalwarts, the influences of Miles Davis, Cold Train and a lot of Studio 1 artists shining though, but what it smacks of most is Wild Belle, which is a pretty rare thing.

Coming together whilst Natalie was recording vocals in a Michigan studio for her brother’s Afrobeat band Nomo, the pair’s aesthetic dynamics just seemed to click, as they realised they heightened each others ideas. And when a demo version of ‘Keep You’ was enough to make everyone fall head over heels they promptly realised they were onto a good thing. With rich, dreamy vocals that wrap themselves around laid back ska piano keys and saxophone wails we completely understand why. It’s just so effortlessly irresistible.

Their debut album Isles is set for release on 18 March and we can’t wait. - Lauren Down



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