1. Be Yourself

Love has no time for being shy. Ask for what you want and be yourself from the start. You are being a rogue trader if you present yourself as something different and then ultimately become your real self. Love should be based on acceptance of each other’s traits and trumps.

2. Be able to deal with hearing “no” (1 cont.)​

For example: ‘Do you want to lie down in a dark room with me after this pad thai?’ If the answer is ‘no’, then at least you made your intentions clear. If you can stomach no, then you can be free to ask anything. No time for being shy, there is too much to do and too many people to lie down with. If the answer is ‘yes’, however: check teeth and / or concealer coverage in toilet. Citymapper how much a cab would be back to yours/theirs because there is NOTHING more appealing than someone who gets a cab home. Go and lie down and have a lovely time.​

3. Experiment with looks​

Now you have your boy/girl, keep them on their toes by changing your look each date. As well as being a seminal musician, I am a highly trained fashion expert. I trained at the John Hankin College of fashion class of 2006, here are some suggestions.​

a) The Cheesecake look​

This is a fun and fruity way to impress your lover. The look is composed of a biscuitty based pair of trousers or skirt, a creamy waist belt and fruity top. I would go with strawberry or perhaps even a kiwi.​

b) A Simple Snooker Waistcoat​

One can never fail to look sophisticated yet sexy in a well placed snooker waistcoat.​

c) Sexy Underwear​

Give them a good look at what a treat is in store by wearing your bra and pants on the outside.​

4. Be okay on your own (see also ‘Love Yourself’)​

Depending on anybody is actually daft when you think about it. Partners should enhance your time. You should run along side each other and never give up anything. I reckon anyway. To achieve this one should be completely capable on one’s own. Spend time on your own and do things like go to the cinema with yourself. Take yourself out for a nice glass of prosecco. Go for a couples massage and just get them to rub the bench next to you. Look in the mirror and fancy yourself.​

5. Don’t go out with a dick head.​

Identify insecure bullies early. You are a fire work and NOT a plastic bag.​


It’s like having ‘shag night’ and ‘dine in for two night’ and ‘argument night.’ Don’t plan, just DO!​

7. Good places to meet people

The Zoo. Art Galleries. Your friend’s 30th. Weddings. Aqua Aerobics. Meadowhall​.

8. Have a laugh.​

Don’t take anything too seriously. Really ask yourself if it is worth giving someone a hard time over. We are all just living and doing stuff. All of this is meaningless really. If you can laugh about something laugh about it ASAP. Be kind to each other.​

9. Don’t look around you.​

Looking at what others have and wanting it for yourself is dangerous. I happen to be in a band with 3 very settled down boys - they are happy, have plans and know where they are at. It has taken me a while to not try and pin down the first person I can and try and emulate that. I know whats right for me and what I want. Don’t get sucked into somebody else’s future. You are your own person. What’s right for you is most probably what you are doing. Trust yourself!​

10. Never eat Dominos together.​

100% boner killer.​

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