Wasteland was written a long time ago in the same week as Weekend, actually. The first line of this accurately describes how I feel on the day to day, how I constantly feel like I say too much and how that plays out with others.


Colors was sent to me pretty developed by producer Zach Nicita, and was an extremely dynamic track that I made it my goal to match. Very generally, it's about the places I prefer to stay in my mind.


I went upstate to my parents house for a few days and Rearrange was written there. It's definitely more lyrically straightforward than I tend to be and is literally about how easy it is to have someone else rearrange your mind.


Sentiment was written on a loop in my mind while walking. Lyrically, it has two of my favorite lines. It's generally about the ability and desire to miss something and how we cut ourselves off from the past.

VÉRITÉ's Sentiment EP is out today; you can (and should) stream the whole thing below.