There’s a generation game at play within the room; A melting pot of children with their mothers and even their grandmothers, loved-up couples and small gaggles of teenagers. Ezra may have accumulated the vast majority of this varied demographic through chart hits such as "Paradise" and "Shotgun", but it is the more serene tones in the hidden debut offerings "Leaving It Up to You" and "Song 6" that highlight his true qualities.

Unsurprisingly, it is the more commercially successful songs that have the crowd the most engaged. The uplifting "Blame It on Me" is rounded off with a carnival style interlude, in which a dance-fuelled chaos beams amongst both Ezra and his band. "Pretty Shining People" is reciprocated with a harmonious echo and, as the grin grows wider, Ezra’s undying love for performing is shown in vivid colour.

Every song has a story to tell, and Ezra is not too shy or cautious of time to tell them. From tales of watching the Eurovision Song Contest in a park in Sweden to recalling the infamous stay at Tamara’s, Ezra’s charismatic and polite persona make the show deeply personal.

George Ezra continues his arena tour with dates in Machester, Europe and a headline festival performance at Latitude Festival.