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Polaroids with Autolux and The Kills

23 September 2016, 09:00

Autolux's Carla Azar grabs her polaroid cameras and takes us on a behind the scenes analogue adventure on tour with The Kills.

Azar explains "while I was visiting my friend Jack White a couple months ago, I happened to see some yellow and black instant photos laying around his house on a taxidermied baby dinosaur - or some sort of creature of that nature. I’d never seen instant photos that looked that unique before. I asked Jack where he got the film, and he told me that the film company Impossible, made yellow and black film for Third Man. Jack gave me a few boxes, and when I got back to Los Angeles I bought several different types of film from the company to experiment with. Recently, Autolux played some shows in and around LA with The Kills and I took around 100 photos of both bands during those 3 days. Most of the photos were taken during sound checks, and back stage before or after shows. A couple of the photos of Autolux’s instruments were taken before soundcheck and look as if they’re on a loading dock on a spaceship in outer space. I used 3 different Polaroid cameras from the 70’s and 80’s and have one that has a timer to take photos of myself. I’d never used this film before, but I really love the weirdness and imperfection in some of the photos. Out of the 100 photos taken, I chose 15 of my favorites."

Autolux’s Pussy’s Dead is out now, and their Live At Third Man Records release, featuring the catchy-as-hell experimental jam "Brainwasher" is due out on 30 September.

Carla, Pre-show

Alison, Pre-show.

Greg, Pre-show.

Jamie, Pre-show.

Eugene's World, Load-in.

Alison, Soundcheck.

Carla's drums.

Mic, Soundcheck.

Jamie, Soundcheck.

Greg, Soundcheck.

Alison, Soundcheck.

Eugene, Post-show.

Eugene, Post-show.

Alison and Jaime, end of show.

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