The Soft Boys’ two most influential and groundbreaking albums will be re-released via Yep Roc Records on November 15. Main man Robyn Hitchcock, along with demon guitarist Kimberley Rew, bassist Matthew Seligman and drummer Morris Windsor managed to craft some psychedelic pop masterpieces during their short life.

We’ve got the chance for you to stream the album, and personal favourite, Underwater Moonlight, which perfectly showcases their wonky pop and killer riffs. Listening to it as part of this package, it’s pretty much some of the best pop music I’ve heard this year. And it’s 30 years old.

Underwater Moonlight will be made available in its 10-song original form on CD and 180 gram vinyl. This re-release features all the bonus tracks (last time taking up 2/3rds of the package) as downloads free with each purchase.

Additionally, the first, and even rarer Soft Boys album, A Can Of Bees is also being released on CD and 180 gram vinyl, with similar bonus downloads. “A red-hot poker up the arse of rock music” was how Julian Cope once described this album.

Here’s the full tracklisting for the reissue:

Underwater Moonlight (CD-YEP-2628 LP-YEP-262)

Tracklisting (physical):
1. I Wanna Destroy You
2. Kingdom of Love
3. Positive Vibrations
4. I Got The Hots
5. Insanely Jealous
6. Tonight
7. You’ll Always Have To Go Sideways
8. Old Pervert
9. The Queen of Eyes
10. Underwater Moonlight

Bonus Tracks (download only)
1.He’s a Reptile
2. Vegetable Man
3. Strange
4. Only The Stones Remain
5. Where are the Prawns
6. Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole
7. Dreams
8. Black Snake Diamond Rock
9. There’s Nobody Like You
10. Song No 4
11. Empty Girl
12. Have a Heart Betty (Mark 2)
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Toilet (Mark 2)
14. Old Pervert (Section 1)
15. Like a Real Smoothie
16. Alien
17. Bloat (extract)
18. Underwater Moonlight (Early version)
19. She Wears My Hair
20. Wang Dang Pig
21. Old Pervert (Section 2)
22. Insanely Jealous
23. Leave Me Alone
24. Goodbye Maurice or Steve
25. Old Pervert (Section 3)
26. Cherries
27. Amputated
28. Over You
29. I Wanna, Er
30. Old Pervert