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All Apologies: Shura

09 June 2016, 11:48
Words by Shura

Ahead of her appearance next month at Lee Fest - not to mention her long-awaited debut album - Shura takes the Best Fit Q&A.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

I'd love it to be Basic Instinct-era Sharon Stone but it would probably Josie Grosie era Barrymore.

What would your superpower be and why?

OBVIOUSLY FLYING. Anyone who doesn't pick flying is mental.

What’s your idea of heaven?

I love being in the mountains. Maybe it's because you are closest to space there. I think I'd have to pick that. I'd never really been moved by nature till I visited the Andes. It definitely changed me.

What one thing have you learnt from your parents?

I don't know if I learnt it... but I definitely share their sense of humour. I think having one is imperative to your survival. It's important not to take things too seriously - that doesn't mean that everything has to be a joke but having fun is very freakin' important.

What song do you wish you’d written?

ONLY ONE SONG? That's stupidly hard. Some days it's "I'm on Fire" by Springsteen. Others, it's "Like A Prayer" by Madonna. Recently it's been everything Prince ever wrote. I guess I always come back to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. So with a gun to my head I'd probably pick that.

If you could say something to your 15-year-old self, what would it be?

That one day Tegan and Sara would like your music. I would 100% have fainted.

What’s your re-occuring nightmare?

Teeth falling out. ALWAYS. Which means you're either coming into money or you're insecure apparently. Still not loaded so I am assuming it's the latter.

What song will they play at your funeral?

THIS IS HORRIBLE TO IMAGINE. You don't want to pick anything too sad but at the same time it's important for people to feel free to grieve however they want so anything ridiculously happy might just be 100% weird. I don't know if I'd want music at all in fact. Just people who knew me and hopefully didn't hate me chatting and letting them do whatever it is they want - I won't be there after all!

Femshep from Mass Effect

What five people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

I'd definitely invite Femshep from Mass Effect. Maybe Liara too. Gillian Anderson would defs be invited. I'd like to have met Kurt Cobain so probably him. I'd also invite Mufasa because that doubles up as Darth Vader so it's a total killing 2 birds with 1 stone scenario.

And finally, who would you most like to apologise to and why?

My twin brother for being really bad at washing the dishes in the last 2 years whilst I've be writing and recording the album.

Shura plays at Lee Fest which runs from 28-30 July 2016. Her debut album Nothing's Real is released on 8 July. Pre-order
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