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Tommy Newport lets us into his world on Glasshead


Release date: 17 February 2023
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21 February 2023, 00:00 Written by Joe Beer

Glasshead signifies a monumental mark in Tommy Newport's career since his debut in 2018 with Just To Be Ironic.

Listening to Newport’s music is always an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, but with the new addition of Glasshead, he has reached a level of musicality that you don’t get to see too often these days. Born in England, raised in Kansas and now currently based in Los Angeles, Newport’s music is soaked in the culture of his past and present. Tinges of UK influences make their way into his sound, with The Beatles' more psychedelic years being the most prominent.

With most of his music being produced by himself and longtime collaborator 4th Pyramid, Newport takes control of his sound and signature style. One of the most notable things about Newport is his impressive falsetto vocals. He has the ability to switch from laid-back woozy vocals to soaring heights without any effort at all. In Glasshead we get to witness all the things we have loved about Newport in the past, with splashes of colourful surprises and hints of what we can hopefully expect more of in the future. Touching on the theme behind the album, Newport reveals, “When I make music, I feel my head is made of glass and when I share my music, my thoughts are visible to everyone else. The project bounces around from different genres but stays true to my sound.”

The 10-track release includes one of Newport’s most notable singles of recently, “Jackpot”. Featuring Juno Award-winning Toronto rap legend Jazz Cartier, the easy, breezy track emanates a quirky vibe, with fast-paced drums and an infectious guitar hook. Newport’s looming vocals add an eerie tone combined with Cartier’s cool presence which adds a different demeanour to the track. This collaboration clearly works extremely well and it’s something we’d love to hear more from in the future. Previous to this collaboration, Newport teamed up with Grammy nominees EarthGang on “Stargazer” which is another example of the musician’s ability to experiment with other genres and artists, whilst still putting his own, unique stamp on it. Speaking of the story behind the track, Newport confides, "The lyricism hints at a paralleled relationship with Los Angeles and the luck it takes to keep that relationship alive. Jackpot."

“Fate” talks about exactly what you think it might. It’s hard when you can’t always control things in your life, but you just have to rest assured that fate is taking care of you. Featuring prominent drum lines, Newport shows how he can literally make anything sound good in this track, with the drums being recorded by just two iPhones. With rhythmic piano melodies, the singer’s voice oozes a mellow attitude.

Giving a fun twist to the album is the Western, Bond, Tarantino-inspired track, “Calabasas”. With a ton of suspense and grit, Newport’s desire of wanting to create a cinematic track shines through. Perfectly providing the soundtrack for the next box office thriller, Newport explains, "The lyrics portray a protagonist who feels the world is waiting for them but they haven’t got the time or patience to be waited on, and fears the realities of finally meeting their wishes.” The moody, spine-tingling guitars set the tone for this song, as we feel the need to look over our shoulders for someone hiding around the corner.

“Tongue & Cheek” is a classic indie track. Catchy lyrics, jangly guitars, a plodding bassline and a memorable chorus which is certain to be stuck in your head all day. The title is a fun play on the well-known phrase “tongue in cheek”, which Newport admits to pronouncing incorrectly his whole life. The feel-good track narrates the importance of living life carefree in order to avoid the unnecessary stresses of life. Newport shares, “It's a nod to the fiery beginnings of a relationship and, lyrically, is a larger than life glorification of meeting someone for the first the hot desert of Amarillo at a fashion show. It's my way of saying life is made up of so many miracles.”

“Sunset For The Dead” brings the album to a close and Newport clearly left the best for last. Entirely different from the rest of the release, he showcases the power behind his vocals and how much of a chameleon he can truly be. This track sees Newport entering a completely different world. The perfect ending to an incredible album.

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