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Saweetie heralds her grand return in style on THE SINGLE LIFE


Release date: 18 November 2022
Saweetie The Single Life Album Artwork
18 November 2022, 15:00 Written by Ims Taylor

THE SINGLE LIFE sweetens the wait for Saweetie’s debut album with another powerful paving stone on the way to inevitable greatness.

She doesn’t hold back, dealing with a compact set of situations in a way that’s the trademark Saweetie style: to the point, but still playful. THE SINGLE LIFE oozes power and confidence, nowhere more than on “PUSSY (Powerful, Utopia, Supreme, Sacred, Yummy).” Quite literally, Saweetie’s love letter to the titular body part, and she doesn’t shy away from saying so, but more broadly, it’s a love letter to femininity too. From “pussy make the world go round” to “I ain’t even frontin / it’s fun being a woman,” Saweetie is backed by warm, lush instrumentals and at complete ease.

“BO$$ CHICK” is similarly confident, in a more overt way and it’s less warm, more hot. Buoyant bass and a pulsing tick keeps the pace up, but Saweetie doesn’t need it – her delivery propels the track along. It’s autobiographical, Saweetie telling the story of how she became the eponymous “BO$$ CHICK,” “Queen of the Bay Area,” and then slipping effortlessly from punch into a savagely pitying tone to address her haters - “deep down in your heart, you wanna be like this.”

As much as THE SINGLE LIFE is a statement of power, though, it also boasts some of Saweetie’s most open writing as well. Previously infamous for her magical knack for virality and her constant ride-along content. but after a year off social media, we’re a lot less exposed to Saweetie on the daily. So to hear the likes of “HANDLE MY TRUTH” and “NO RECEPTION” straight away, dark, polished and emotional, feels like a reward. This clean sweep that closes THE SINGLE LIFE is a standout run from Saweetie, blending hurt feelings with anger and that classic tonic, her infectious confidence. “MEMORABLE” in particular wrestles with that uncomfortable middle ground when you’re not sure either of you want more, negotiating the currency of sex with Saweetie’s emotional undercurrent running through. On the surface it’s complete control, but Saweetie adds the nuance.

THE SINGLE LIFE is a short listen, but Saweetie has built a little microcosm of her sound: sexy, effortless, authentic, and aspirational – the ingredients that constitute her mantra ‘pretty bitch music’. THE SINGLE LIFE is another fine helping, but it’s only enough to satiate fans for a moment before the anticipation and excitement for a full-length returns. And as the EP closes, she does promise - “PBM [Pretty Bitch Music] is on the way”.

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