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Chiiild's Better Luck In The Next Life is a journey well worth taking

"Better Luck In The Next Life"

Release date: 03 March 2023
Chiiild Better Luck In The Next Life Album Artwork
01 March 2023, 08:00 Written by Steven Loftin

The experimental and soulful sounds of Chiiild have previously proved a knack for writing tracks that worm their beautifully evocative way into your heart, and on Better Luck In The Next Life, there’s a doubling-down at play.

Chiiild’s debut album Hope For Sale relied upon a standard fare mixture of indie with psychedelic tinges wrapped in an R&B cloak. This time around the focus is on honing in on those nighttime elements. Those that create a warped sense of peace, the kind that can only come from having a great night out but which ultimately leaves you wondering what else is there when things feel this good?

Certainly, opener “Better Luck In The Next Life” poses a warbled vision of Chiiild’s return. It’s this moodiness that is soaked up throughout. It feels like a more purposeful move, one worn ever so naturally. Atmospheric elements create a through-line, leading to an unending vibe that soaks in the desolate streets after after-hours. That desolation is what creates a hook to hold onto throughout Better Luck In The Next Life.

Bookended by “Better Luck In The Next Life” and closer “You Get Me (A Final Word)” where a robotic voice spells out “L.I.F.E”, and on the latter Chiiild laments “my mind is out to get me” the purpose of Better Luck In The Next Life becomes apparent. This is an everything-on-the-table situation, where all that is offered is an exorcism of self.

While these deep moments are the backbone of Better Luck In The Next Life, there are still those that focus on mass appeal. The star power that exudes from “I Hope I Packed A Parachute”, with a soulful addition from Charlotte Cardin, where voices meld into a sound that feels as powerful as it does reserved in its romantic intent. “Hell And High Water” featuring Alina Baraz and Caitlyn Scarlett relies heavily upon a drum machine beat to create a sterile sound ready for their tunings to soar in a harmonious fashion.

Interlude “Mile - End”’s studious, distorted drum line serves up as a pallet cleanser after the aforementioned sugary-sweet ode to love. The design of Better Luck In The Next Life feels like the natural progression from Hope For Sale, with its intentions to offer up more of Chiiild’s vision, and it's in this latter half that things get interesting. “Into The Deep End” soaks in a romantic lust, but followed by the lyrical pleading of “It seems like / Nights like this / Life comes at me / It don’t quit” on “(Running Out Of) Hallelujahs”, Chiiild’s contentment seems to falter which makes Better Luck In The Next Life all the more human.

A return as impactful as it is reserved, the duality of Chiiild – between the experimental and the radiant – finds intriguing and addictive new heights on Better Luck In The Next Life, and it's a journey well worth taking.

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