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Cherry Glazerr lean into maturity on I Don't Want You Anymore

"I Don't Want You Anymore"

Release date: 29 September 2023
Cherry Glazerr I Dont Want You Anymore cover
27 September 2023, 09:00 Written by Lana Williams

Haxel Princess – the thrilling 2014 debut from American noise-pop trio Cherry Glazerr – offered a relaxed, laid-back approach to infectious lo-fi indie with deep pop-infused trenches.

Highly received, the record was swiftly followed by 2017’s more-polished, introspective Apocalipstick, before the melancholic undertones of Stuffed & Ready took the trio – led since by 2013 Clementine Creevy – in a new darker direction.

Hailed for their flawless, genre-defying cuts, their next instalment I Don’t Want You Any More sees Creevy take roots in a more solo project as she reflects on her existence – dragged into existentialism, as many of us were, by the COVID pandemic. Considered by the frontwoman as being Cherry Glazerr “fully-actualised” we see her lean into maturity in a wholly exemplified and impressive effort.

Steeped in darker moments, I Don’t Want You Anymore sees Cherry Glazerr take a quick snap departure from the softer, electro-infused beats found within their debut. “Grilled Cheese” for example boasts lilty guitars and breezy vocals, while “Teenage Girl” opts for infectious dittying accompanied by folksy strums. The first number from this new project, “Addicted To Your Love”, however, finds vocals steeped in melancholy, toned down, barely-there backing instruments. Creevy's vocals maintain their famed lush, stripped-back tones, but here, however, pain seeps through in fleeting, lifted moments.

Another key narrative here is toxicity and the anguish that accompanies destructive love. This is most apparent in “Soft Like A Flower” which features murky, drilling riffs and darker more forceful vocals. Edging almost into punk-rock territory, lyrics such as “I like you killing me” and “I'll be your dog” see Creevy hold her heart on her sleeve and lay bare her innermost thoughts in what she calls her “Evanescence Moment”. In the same vein of introspection, “Ready For You” is one of the most infectious cuts on the record – featuring an impressive display of 90s-influenced rock teamed with a jilty soundscape – the upbeat, frenetic nature of which directly juxtaposes the song’s underlying narrative: "I'm sick inside my twisted mind / I'm sick inside my twisted mind / I'm sick inside my twisted mind” – overt and all-encompassing feelings of inadequacy, and the fear of bringing others down with your personal problems – a theme that is carried through to “Sugar”.

The album, however, does find itself in lighter moments. “Golden” showcases a sultry jazz-dominated soundscape that marries perfectly with Creevy’s soft, whispy vocals. The muted “Eat You Like A Pill” and FKA-Twigs-esque “Bad Habit” find their home in the warm comfort of swirling, breezy electronics and echoey vocal performances – offering a balanced, well-rounded edge to the record. With I Don’t Want You Anymore, we see Creevy lean into maturity in a wholly exemplified and impressive effort.

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