In March 2018, the two artists teased plans to collaborate after Theophilus London shared a snap of him and Cyrus in the studio together.

Since then, Theophilus London has shared teasers of the track here and there before deleting them.

Over the weekend, the Bebey rapper/singer went on Instagram Live and played a longer snippet of the track, which is reportedly titled "Queen Of My Generation".

While playing the snippet of the unreleased collaboration, Theophilus London said to Cyrus' fans, "So smilers, I need y'all to calm down ok. I'ma let you get a little recording of that but y'all be getting motherfuckers in trouble, and y'all be motherfuckin' getting me in trouble with Miley's team."

There's currently no planned release date for Theophilus London's collaboration with Miley Cyrus.