The track appears on the band's impending short-player The Remains Of Walter Peck, which is produced by Power.

"Walter Peck" is a commanding assemblance of noise, experimental electronica, and psychedelia - it'll latch onto your lapels and drag you into a claustrophobic abyss. This is endlessly dark and pummelling; it's the sort of thing HEALTH might have made had they not got into pop.

Writing in the press relese about their concept-heavy EP, Outblinker say:

Fame is just so fucking futile. That's the thing about being an outsider. You accept your fate. You know that 50 years from now a bank won't be butchering your work to flog mortgages to suckers. You make your noise and you watch it echo for a bit then dissipate. Like our protagonist, Walter Peck, your ashes are gradually diluted by a planet of dirt and your music even more rapidly subsumed by the white noise of the world.

In many ways, Outblinker owes it's existence to Walter and certainly this EP would never have been recorded or co-written with Ben Power (Blanck Mass/ Fuck Buttons) were it not for Mr Peck's unifying influence. His friendships, a chance meeting, a jar of human remains and a table of beers. It's a long story. Suffice to say he'd suggest we enjoy it while it lasts.

The product of a musical pilgrimage to record in a medieval church on a remote island in Orkney, these three songs are a precursor to Outblinker's debut album (due October 2016) and a tribute to the transitory, fleeting nature of everything we seek to build and accomplish. All the beauty, all the greed, all the pride and all the fucking politics. Given long enough, none of it will last. And thank fuck for that.

When the lights across the planet finally go out for the last time and all the MP3s evaporate in microscopic puffs of electrons and all the CD's lie scattered across the land like the scales of some huge, extinct fish: what then for all these idiotic fucking pop songs? And what then for the Bach and Simone, Mercury and Mingus?

Nothing. That's what. Sweet anonymity. Sheer oblivion.

And as time marches on ceaselessly into that eerie, silent new era, none of those chart anthems will mean any more than the centuries of forgotten folk music, decades of shitty demo tapes or the deluge of vacuous, ironic, indie shit currently sloshing around. How will Virgin, Warner, Universal and Sony trick kids into buying their cynical, hollow bullshit then? Especially when there are no kids left to fleece.

Art is for now so eat your fill. You're not taking it with you and ultimately there's no point leaving it here. Walter Peck taught us that much.

Chris Cusack has helmed the visuals for the nearly-seven-minute sonic salvo.

The Remains of Water Peck is released 6 May via Stabbed In The Back Records.

Stream "Walter Peck" below.