"Limbo" is taken from Valium Housewife's Same Cake, Different Kroger EP, a three-track release featuring more of the Atlanta-based artists lo-fi offerings. "Cancer" and "Golden Ratio" showcase a more delicate side to Valium Housewife, as they play with fingerpicking and Girlpool-esque layered vocals that slip between unison and harmony.

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"Limbo" is the EP's most up-tempo constituent, and definitely the closest to traditionally catchy alt-pop. Despite its twinkling strings/synths (is that harp in there?), it's still delightfully off-kilter, with beautiful self-deprecating lyrics. "How low can you go?" asks the resonant chorus, addressing the protagonist's own self-esteem.

Late 00s nu-folk instilled in us all that jaded recoil response at the threat of a ukulele, but it's time to shake that off and sink into the lush soundscape Valium Housewife manages to create with one. "Limbo" – and indeed the entirety of Same Cake, Different Kroger – establishes them as a truly enjoyable indie artist: one with a singular sonic identity and a noteworthy flair for gorgeously poetic lyricism.

"Limbo" is out now, and available to buy or stream on Bandcamp.