Across a couple of singles to date, and now a fourth, Need For Speed instead practise the art of old-school synth-pop. Their new single, “Soft Touch”, is probably their most grandiose effort to date. Listening to it, a little echo of LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great” is present in the opening bars, but Need For Speed’s musical vision is more theatrical and glamorous than LCD’s.

"Soft Touch" instead leans into the territory of neo-crooner, romantic electronic pop. In a different band’s hands, it might be stripped clean and re-produced into cheesy, mainstream pop, but Need For Speed keep the song murky and in their hazy stylistic world, and that gives it its soul. The band say:

““Soft Touch” is a song that displays all the different elements that makes the album. A synthier vibe with a twist of soul in it. The song was never actually meant to be released but we figured it would create a nice thread between our older songs and our new ones. A theme for the album.”

"Soft Touch" is out on Nov 9 on Adrian Recordings.