Ahead of the release of her new album Kid Face, due out via Full Time Hobby on 13 January, Samantha Crain has given us a little taste of what to expect with a 7-track sampler.

BEST FIT PREMIERE Based in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and of Choctaw heritage Samantha grew up listening to her dad’s Bob Dylan and Neil Young heavy record collection but on this latest collection of tracks a more modern, experimental streak can be seen through the traditional Americana backdrop, putting her in a similar realm as contemporaries like Torres.

Speaking about the album, Samantha said: “The common element of these songs is me; I’m the narrator of all of them. This is the first record of mine that’s completely autobiographical. It’s the most personal record I’ve written, a musical journal of my experiences—things that have happened to me as I traveled and my thoughts about specific situations. In the past, I resisted writing about myself because I was ashamed of how normal I was. So I wrote about the people I met in my travels. But having done this for a few years, I’ve gained confidence, and this time I wanted to tap into the feeling of getting older and knowing more about myself. I think that makes the new record more relatable, more blue-collar.”