Why?’s Yoni Wolf must have recently invested in a rather expensive new camcorder, because the group have certainly been getting their money’s worth of videos on this current album cycle.

The band donned their gym attire in the iPod/Gap advert-aping clip for ‘Sod In The Seed’ and gatecrashed possibly the hippest street party of recent memory in ‘Strawberries’. And that’s not even mentioning the rather sinister mockumentaries they’ve been dropping on Youtube prior to latest LP Mumps, Etc‘s release.

This time round, for our personal album highlight ‘Paper Hearts’, things are toned down a slight, as Yoni laments his status of ‘indie rap’s most eligible bachelor’ and rummages through his wardrobe/ favourite green-screen effects.

Watch the video above. Mumps, Etc is out now on City Slang in Europe and Anticon in the US.