Continuing on from last weeks White Stripes performance at Glastonbury ’05 we are offering up another classic Glastonbury set. 1997 was the year of the mud. Torrential rainfall days before the festival was due to start had turned the site into a gigantic muddy bog. 1997 was also the year that Radiohead headlined the Pyramid stage on the Saturday night.

Ten years down the line Radiohead’s Glastonbury appearence has been heralded as one of the greatest festival moments of all time, Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has also been quoted as saying the show was “the most inspiring festival gig in 30 years”. It turns out though, for the band it was a complete nightmare – with major monitor issues they couldn’t hear a thing onstage, not that you can tell.

Radiohead – Glastonbury Festival, 28th June 1997
1. Lucky [download mp3 ♫]
2. My Iron Lung [download mp3 ♫]
3. Airbag [download mp3 ♫]
4. Planet Telex [download mp3 ♫]
5. Exit Music (For a Film) [download mp3 ♫]
6. The Bends [download mp3 ♫]
7. Nice Dream [download mp3 ♫]
8. Paranoid Android [download mp3 ♫]
9. Karma Police [download mp3 ♫]
10. Creep [download mp3 ♫]
11. Climbing Up the Walls [download mp3 ♫]
12. No Surprises [download mp3 ♫]
13. Talk Show Host [download mp3 ♫]
14. Bones [download mp3 ♫]
15. Just [download mp3 ♫]
16. Fake Plastic Trees [download mp3 ♫]
17. You [download mp3 ♫]
18. The Tourist [download mp3 ♫]
19. High & Dry [download mp3 ♫]
20. Street Spirit (Fade Out) [download mp3 ♫]

Watch: Radiohead – Karma Police