I overheard a conversation just the other day about how music videos are “all the same now” and that, in the opinion of this particular person, nothing was shocking or exciting anymore. This argument has some degree of validity. For example, even Lana Del Rey is rehashing her old tried and tested tricks.

But this one right here – the new video from ’90s Britpop graduates Cornershop – really grabs you by the eyelids. A mishmash of lights, smoke and some strange fish imagery.

The video was made in Bangalore by Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas of Rocket Science Films, using a variety of live-action shots and stop-frame animation.

‘Who’s Gonna Lite It Up’ is the band’s latest single. The track itself features Swedish singer Izzy Lindqwister and is lifted from the duo’s forthcoming album Urban Turban, which comes out 14 May.