Amanda Palmer premieres her new video today exclusively on Best Fit. The video to be taken from Palmer’s Theatre is Evil record, ‘The Bed Song’ is directed by Michael McQuilken and was shot at New York’s Bard College

“When I wrote the script for “The Bed Song” video, I knew it could either turn out looking like a heartbreaking piece of filmed theater or a bad soap opera,” explains the singer-songwriter. “I think we achieved the former, but only due to the lucky, lucky alchemy of people and resources that collided to make it happen. The director, the designer, the location, the impossibly talented range of actors…all of them came together with the kind of unlikely timing that happens once in a lifetime.

“If I never make another music video, I’ll die happy knowing I made this one.”

Palmer is also set to deliver a TED Talk on 27 February, where she will discuss her unique business model and explore ideas around community building, crowd-sourcing and audience engagement.