url-1"Do you really want me to review this? I asked for anything heavy...and you sent me this!" And so went the conversation with TLOBF editor in chief.I feel aurally violated, this is commercially derivative shit of the first order. Actually that is a wee bit harsh, as some of the song structures and especially drummery is ok. What really offends is the vocals of Hayley Williams. To say that others have compared her to Avril Lavinge should be enough to dissuade the discernible listener, but in case there is any doubt, 'Brick By Boring Bick' includes a lyrically imaginative "Ba-da-ba-ba-ba-ba-da-ba-ba" hook. Elsewhere the influence of Gwen Stefani is never far away, especially on the acoustically led 'The Only Exception'.Where Paramore are falling down is their lack of identity, on one hand they want to be a really cooler than thou EMO band, but alternatively they want to sell big units and appeal to the masses. The two paths are difficult to combine especially when you have a lead singer sounding like Lavinge/Stefani and citing Robert Smith and Etta James as big influences, it all ends up a confused mess.The label have really pushed for commercial success calling in production from Green Day and My Chemical Romance and even managing to shoe horn the bands most popular song 'Decode' on to the end of the album. However, unless you enjoy American emo-chart-pop-rock then this can't be recommended.Paramore on MySpace