Their self-titled debut is one that bubbles with retro rock fuelled passion - it feels like they’ve been raised on a diet of short-lived, little-known cult bands, recasting their influence into three minute blasts of reverb-drenched guitar jangles that have a firm dream pop underbelly.

Opener "Kill My Baby" arrives with classic 60s garage rock chops and sets a firm indication of what will go down in each of the eight songs that follow. "Brian" starts as a relaxed reverb-heavy tune that slowly evolves into a psychedelic slow burner. Lead single "Untitled" has a slight country swing to its rhythm, but isn’t a million miles away from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Howl period; a reference that's reinforced with the swaggering vibes of "You Love Nothing" and "Baby in Blue Jeans". The accelerated speeds of both "Drive Your Car" and "Feel Alright" see them step up a gear but retain the nocturnal rock ‘n’roll spirit that seems to fester throghout.