Another week, another batch of singles for The Line Of Best Fit to cast their weary ear over…

There is no better place to start than with Mastodon’s Colony of Birchmen. Where oh where is this going to get any air play?!? Zane Lowe isn’t going to play it that’s for sure. It’ll scare the young indie kids. Which is a shame as it’s actually really good, though it sounds surprisingly like Queens of the Stone Age. There’s plenty of chunky riffs and harmonic vocals to keep any metal fan happy, and a few of us who aren’t.

The heavily tipped I Was A Cub Scout also release a single this week, the pleasingly titled I Hate Nightclubs. I hate them too guys, but I doubt anyone cares… Anyway, this is more, rather average, indie by numbers. With keyboards. It all sounds a bit superficial and hard to love, the guitars sound overly familiar and the addition of a keyboard line from Blue Peter isn’t going to help them.

From the dark recesses of The Rhondda Valley in South Wales come The Donde Stars. The band claim the songs are a reflection of their upbringing in the socially deprived Welsh Valleys, making music to escape the trappings of everyday life. Not surprisingly the tracks are taken from the Manic Street Preachers school of song writing. You Can Keep The Kids is their attempt at writing a working class anthem; sweeping strings, soaring guitars and emotive vocals not too disimilar to James Dean Bradfield. A bad thing? Not necessarily, but hardly original.

Something a bit better is Le Reno Amps and Wound Up which harks back to the hammond organ driven antics of Supergrass – all up-tempo and chirping guitars with sing-a-long choruses. Great fun.

Also rather tasty is the latest single from Rotating Leslie. It sounds uncannily like The Rakes, but then again I like them. There’s plenty of post-punk angular, crackling guitar riffs with vocals laced with venom and spite. With a name like Radio, the single deserves to be heard on its name-checked format of choice.

However, this weeks real standout release is Working For A Nuclear Free City. They’re releasing the Rocket EP and what a gem it is. Not resting on the laurels of last years rather spankingly good debut, this is more of their shoe-gazing drenched indie-pop except with more Beta Band. It really is a glorious listen, each of the songs are epic in vision and execution. Delicately played guitars and vocals float, dream like, over perfectly excecuted soundscapes of real beauty. The most promising British act of the moment.