Huw himself is a wry thing; listlessly introducing his band because he was “asked to pad out the set with chat”, he was clearly more interested in playing as much of the album as possible. And although these songs were very much of a piece, there was still plenty of range in his performance – from the low growl and sloping wonk of “Lazy Summer” to the thundering chaos of “Moddion”.

Gathering wandering noise, call and response and languid repetition, H. Hawkline’s songs somehow emerge as tight, psychedelic pop numbers. With this new collection, he’s truly found his voice, resulting in royal flush highlights like excellent single “Moon In My Mirror” – even more melodic and muscular than it is on record.


Sticky Slithers
Everybody's On The Line
Black Domino Box
Rainy Summer
Spooky Dog
Moons In My Mirror
Ring Finger
Black Muck
It's A Drag