Could you tell us about new single "All Night"?

"Party all night, party all day" goes the hook, and that's what it's all about. We had these really upbeat chords and the music kind of just inspired that feeling. We soon realised that the song should actually be a girl we know who whenever we see makes us stay out way too late!

What can we expect from the new record?

We're so excited for you to hear the new record! It's definitely our most diverse record and there some crazy stuff on there we've never tried before. More dancefloor, more psychedelia, more tropical, more rave, more sunshine, more pretty much everything.

How did you write/record the album?

We wrote and recorded the songs all over the world in many different locations and styles. From South Spain, to our beloved Basque Country, to The Canary Islands to South Africa to New York and LA to Costa Rica and Columbia we've been travelling and getting inspired and writing these songs. It's been an amazing journey.

Was there anything you set out to do differently?

Our previous album Cave Rave was recorded in a short intense burst by an amazing producer, which we loved, but we also missed the kind of freedom and liberal experimentation time we had on our first album Star Of Love. So for this new one we allowed ourselves time and space to try lots of different things on the songs we had written.

This won't be your first time at Bestival - are you looking forward to returning?

Bestival is soooo amazing! Definitely one of the best lineups and coolest vibes out there, and we feel so honoured to have played so many times for the family there. We're just looking forward to the vibe, the crazy costumes, and saying hi to the man, the legend Señor Da Bank.

How do you feel about headlining the Big Top? What should we expect?

The Big Top is one of those legendary places to play. I don't know if it's in the same spot this year but we've played there when you're kind of looking down a hill from the stage so the crowd looks like it goes on for miles! Such an electric atmosphere in there and we can't wait to rock it to close the tent.

What makes Bestival special?

No matter how many times we go back and if there's more people or not, there's a real spirit to the festival that is just so welcoming, outgoing, experimental, and just plain fun. It's just a beautiful place to be.

What's your fondest Bestival memory?

Pretty fond of the very first year we played: we weren't planning to stay but it was so damn fun after our show, myself and Graham sacked off our van ride home and stayed the whole weekend with not a tent nor a change of clothes to our name! I guess sometimes when you've got nothing to lose you end up having this crazy time. Viva Bestival!

Bestival 2016 takes place at Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle Of Wight 8-11 September. Limited weekend and day tickets are still available.