The Twilight Sad have finally announced the details of their hugely anticipated sophomore album Forget The Night Ahead. Trailed by opener ‘Reflections Of The Television’ – which dropped on Pitchfork during May, and forthcoming single ‘I Became A Prostitute’ which is out on August 3rd, the new album will be released in the UK on 5th October via FatCat Records. The full track list is as follows:

1. Reflection Of The Television
2. I Became A Prostitute
3. Seven Years of Letters
4. Made To Disappear
5. Scissors
6. The Room
7. That Birthday Present
8. Floorboards Under The Bed
9. Interrupted
10. The Neighbours Can’t Breathe
11. At The Burnside

As long-time supporters of The Twilight Sad, TLOBF have been given the video to the new single ‘I Became A Prostitute’ days before anyone else. Along with ‘Reflections Of The Television’ (which you can stream here), ‘Prostitute’ marks a visceral return for the Kilsyth quartet. According to sources close to the band, Forget The Night Ahead material is even more harrowing than predecessor Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters – so if you think lines like “the kids are on fire in the bedroom” were dark, prepare to scared shitless.

The video for ‘Prostitute’ is, unsuprisginly, harrowing in it’s own right. A montage of what looks like 1920′s footage of Burlesque clubs from Eastern Europe set against the unmistakable backdrop of James Graham’s Scottish howl and primal force of rhythm section Andy MacFarlane, Craig Orzel and Mark Devine. Never have the band sounded so vital.

Speaking to The Skinny at the start of 2009, James Graham cautioned; “We have definitely moved on from Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters, musically and lyrically. One thing that I can promise is that the lyrics are very dark, but you might have to look into them a bit to realise . They are mainly based around things that have happened to me over the past two years, revolving mainly around losing people and being none too proud or happy with myself about my antics and situations I’ve found myself in.” Guitarist Andy MacFarlane concurs, “It is a step forward from the first record, the song writing and the sound of the band has moved on from that time, which is something we’ll always try and do, we don’t want to ever stand still and make records that sound like each other.”

Forget The Night Ahead was produced and mixed by ex-Delgados’ man Paul Savage and guitarist Andy MacFarlane at the legendary Chem19 Studios in Glasgow.

Any London-ers out there might be interested to know that The Twilight Sad are headlining a FatCat / One Little Indian label night at ICA on 9th July. Support for the evening comes from fellow Scots We Were Promised Jetpacks and One Little Indian’s latest signings Kill It Kid.