Christian Hardy, Tim West and Nick Hemming

So you know by now that Brighton based Willkommen Collective is basically just one big love fest – with pretty much every-band-member-of-every-band-playing-in-eachothers-band (does that make sense? I think so). Well they’ve just announced a new addition to their ever expanding roster: The Climbers.

As you’ll notice from the picture above, The Climbers features Nick and Christian from The Leisure Society. But this isn’t just a TLS spin off band. Oh no, on the contrary. See, where The Leisure Society is predominantly a vehicle for the songs of Nick Hemming, and Christian Silva record the songs of Christian Hardy, The Climbers perform the songs of Tim West – an old school pal of Christians. You still with me? The album, titled The Good Ship also features members of Sons Of Noel & Adrian, The Miserable Rich and Shoreline.

Recorded over a mammoth 5 year period in various studios in South London, Brighton, Burton-On-Trent, Wales, Devon and Northumberland, The Good Ship is almost ready to see the light of day (release date still to be announced).

In the meantime, you can download album track ‘Uncommon’ below and check out their MySpace page here. Enjoy.

mp3:> The Climbers: ‘Uncommon’

In other Willkommen news. Just a reminder that Curly Hair (a rather wonderful lo-fi pop duo from London) are playing TLOBF’s club night ILL FIT at The Social, London on October 20th. They’ll be supporting XL Record’s newest signing Holly Miranda plus some extremely special and exciting secret guests. Oh, and Banjo Or Freakout will be DJing too – AND it’s free entry. Tell us you’re coming via Facebook NOW!